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Color Wooden Rainbow Arches

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This handmade wooden Rainbow Stacker is wonderful for kiddos to practice nesting and stacking. It's a beautiful addition for pretend play, and will coordinate well with other wooden toys in your playspace. The transparent color, if chosen, is hand-painted and allows for the beauty of the wood to shine through, adding a natural element to this beautiful rainbow. These handmade, artisan-quality Rainbow Stackers are full of charm and make a wonderful gift!

This Rainbow Stacker is made by hand with love and care by a skilled woodworker with years of experience in both commercial and residential woodworking, and is a dad himself. Each Rainbow is painted by hand. Colors and exact shapes may vary due to the handmade nature of this item.

Rainbows are approximately 12"wide with a height of 10". The depth of each arch is approximately 3".

*Rainbow is intended for ages 2/3+. Always use under supervision. This Stacker is recommended for older toddlers that no longer mouth toys. This Stacker is not intended for babies that are actively mouthing toys. 


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