Holztiger - Wooden Animal - Sea gull

Holztiger - Wooden Animal - Sea gull

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Article number: 80354
Measurement: 5.6 x 1.4 x 5.5 cm

3 years+ 
Imported from Germany

Why we love Holztiger

  • Wooden animals and figures are big and chunky
  • Natural grain of the wood is still visible
  • All Holztiger natural toys are handcrafted
  • Non-toxic dyes are used
  • Designed to last generations
  • Leave space for imagination 

Interested in seeing all Holztiger natural toys we have in stock? Holztiger

 For many years now, the HOLZTIGER figures have stood for play value and very high quality "Made in Europe". They are individually handcrafted out of maple and beech wood and painted using watercolours.


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