Gluckskafer - Grotto Set, Natural

Gluckskafer - Grotto Set, Natural

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At The Wooden Wagon, they are all about the simple, the natural, the safe, and most of all the fun. Founded by a stay-at-home dad in 2003, to this day they continue to be a family business where they strive to create the highest quality natural toys. They pay close attention to the play value, safety, workmanship, materials used and timelessness of each of item they produce. Using FSC wood, organic cotton, wool or fabric, non-toxic stains, paints and finishes, they oversee every step of production to guarantee a beautiful, high-quality, safe and environmentally conscious product for families around the world. Simply put: they offer nothing that they wouldn’t want in their own home.

Is it a cave for a bear or a dragon’s lair? Does a hermit live in this Grotto? The soft wood tones and bark make this a natural and inviting cave for play and storytelling. Ethically made, simple and hand-crafted, this beautiful toy can be used for open-ended play with unlimited possibilities!

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