Children's Pentatonic Glockenspiel

Children's Pentatonic Glockenspiel

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This beautiful Glockenspiel from Auris has seven brass keys, tuned to the 5-tone pentatonic scale.

The seven notes are:

  • D - E - G - A - B - d - e

All of the notes in a pentatonic scale are harmonious, so any song you or your child play will sound beautiful. Improvisation has never been this easy and fun!

This version, which differs slightly from our Auris Curved Pentatonic Glockenspiel, has a simpler, straight body, making it easier for children to grasp, and a more mellow tone.

This lovely instrument produces a wonderful tone and is great for soothing children at nap or bedtime, or for accompanying a story or puppet show.

The bright, brass keys are coated with a fine layer of beeswax to maintain luster and shine. The maple wood body is treated with wood varnish and a beeswax polish.

Includes one rubber-tipped mallet and one wooden mallet.

Note: Due to northern European musical notation, the B key is represented by the letter H.

  • SIZE : 8 inches long
  • MATERIAL : Maple wood, brass
  • ORIGIN : Made in Sweden

Waldorf Instrument, auris, wooden musical instrument, 

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