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What are witchy things? This fantastic book with the winning text of the “Narrating Equality” contest is a story about a witch and her unsuccessful attempts at doing witchy things, and a kid that already does the things he likes: comb his dolls' hair!

“Oh, for the love of stinking skunk farts! My hair is still blue!”

This witch is very angry. She wants her hair color booger green, blood red, or even muddy like a swamp. But not blue, like the blue fairy! She wants to be a witchy witch… so she decides she’s going to kidnap a kid at the park!

“Look at this runt, he’s stolen those dolls from her sister”, she thinks as she stalks her prey… But she’s in for a big surprise!

This fantastic book by Mariasole Brusa and Marta Sevilla is the winner of the V Edition of the Narrating Equality contest.

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