Unicorn Horns Sidewalk Chalk - 2 Pack

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Perfect for party favors or if you need multiple gifts for the kids! The same great unicorn horn sidewalk chalk as our original pack, but now packaged in separate boxes to make it easy to share. 

Each order includes:
- TWO (2) individually wrapped assorted unicorn horn sidewalk chalk.

- Made of plaster of paris, non-toxic acrylic paint, non-toxic tempera powder and eco-friendly glitter!
- Each horn is approximately 1.75 inches in diameter x 3.5 inches in height

These are NOT FOOD and not meant for consumption. 

These are sidewalk chalks and not meant for chalkboard use; they require a thicker grit to work (i.e. asphalt or concrete).

Supervision required for children ages 3+.

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