The Runaway No-wheeler

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Trucks! Counting! Tire-eating aliens! This wonderful, rhyming, super-silly book has it ALL…including Bob Staake’s awesome artwork.

THE RUNAWAY NO-WHEELER is a clever spin on a counting book and the perennial favorite, a book starring trucks. Tony is a sturdy, long-hauling 18-wheeler with a delivery to make, but many obstacles are in the way—from potholes to slime to rescue missions to aliens’ space rockets. In the style of counting classics like Dr. Seuss’ Ten Apples Up on Top—though in this case, subtractive counting—Tony finds himself losing wheel after wheel with each hurdle he encounters. Will he be able to make his delivery?

  • Juvenile Fiction / Transportation / Cars & Trucks 
Ages 2 to 5, Grades K And Under
40 pages
11.4 in H | 9.3 in W | 0.4 in T | 1 lb Wt

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