PRESALE Maileg - Babysitting Grandparents

PRESALE Maileg - Babysitting Grandparents

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When the parents need a night off, Grandparents to the rescue! This adorable bundle tells a cute story all parents and grandparents can relate to. 

We just hope they don't spoil the baby mouse too much!

Bundle includes Grandma and Grandpa in their matchbox, Baby Mouse in a sleeping bag and the Babysitter, My size in a cute dot pattern. (note the Sleepy Wakey Mouse does not come with a collar)

Grandparent Mice are about 6" tall.

Box Measures 13* 3.5* 2 inches

Baby Mouse is about 4 inches tall

Babysitter is 3 x 5 inches 

Keywords: Grandparents, babysitting, mice, baby mouse 


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