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Beautiful handmade wooden musical instrument - made by Auris. 

Using a simple circulating hand movement with a mallet you can create melodic melodies with this beautifully handmade wooden stir drum. This action stimulates the cooperation between hand and ear on a basic level and encourages musical exploration in children of all ages.

It comes in six different varieties; basically the ones with grip hole and the ones without. The one with grip hole makes it easier for small children to hold the xylophone. The one without grip hole can be played also with a wooden or glas ball. The ball is given into the stir drum. The stir drum must be swing around now to generate the melodie. So which one you choose here depends partly on the age of the children and also what you want to do with it. This is merely a matter of taste than an important pedagogical question.

The same goes for what melody you choose. There are three different arrangements of the sound tongues which gives the stirring xylophones different “melodies” or moving figures.

The “Classic” – moves constantly up- or downwards, depending on what way you stir around in it with the mallet (without or with hole).
The “Wave” moves up and down and up again whichever direction you stir it (without or with hole).
The “Melody” creates a little jumping melody no matter direction (without or with hole).

Product details:
Age: 2 year +.
Size: ∅ 11cm and height 14,5cm.
Material: Maple wood.
Made in Sweden.

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