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Well, let's do anything you want in your very own apartment...
Use your imagination to dream up endless scenarios full of fun!

Examples of how to play:

1. Advent calendar
Count down the days until the long-awaited Christmas day.
Put small gifts and sweets behind each door and see the excitement when they are discovered. Santa Claus comes down the chimney on Christmas day December 25th, Christmas gifts could be hidden away secretly in the attic?

2. Treasure hunt
Hide things in your favorite room.
Can mom or dad guess which room you chose?

3. Snap
Conceal pairs of items and then take turns to find a complete pair! Whoever finds the most pairs, wins!

4. Treasure chest
Use the compartments to put or hide your favorite snacks, accessories or toys.
Let's make an apartment full of your favourite things.

Size:365 x 320 x 70 mm

Weight: 1300g

 keywords: kiko + gigi, kiko+gg*, advent calendar, 

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