5 Wild Shapes - Oversized Board Book

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This innovative, tactile board book is perfect for engaging preschool children in shapes, animals, and the natural world, and developing their motor skills, allowing them to trace basic shapes in nature with their fingers.

While colorful birds perch in the trees,
heart-shaped leaves flutter in the breeze.

This innovative board book uses a series of colorful spreads with sliding discs to introduce young children to basic shapes. Children can look at the animals in each scene, listen to the gently rhyming text, and trace their fingers over the nature-inspired shapes. The books are robust and fun, perfect for encouraging a lively, interactive reading experience for children and adults, and developing young childrens’ motor skills, a key element in Montessori learning. In addition, the books encourage further learning with discussion of the habitat of each animal.
8.8 in H | 8.8 in W | 1.3 in T | 1.7 lb Wt

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