Raduga Grez - Wooden Tea Set Natural

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Games with dishes are the basis of humanity, accuracy and kindness. 

First, they teach to be “as adults” - to arrange the dishes, set the table, be careful and focused. Secondly, the crockery introduces sympathy and empathy - the child “notices” that the bear or the doll wants to drink or eat, drinks them with tea, wipes their mouths. 

Natural crockery returns to the roots, by the time people themselves produced the dishes, most often using wood for these purposes. 

It is very pleasant to the touch - not heavy, but with its weight. The set includes everything you need for tea drinking - two cups with saucers and spoons, a teapot and a sugar bowl with two pieces of sugar. 

By the way, natural dishes are a little less “girlish” than color. But boys such role-playing games can be even more important!
Toy chips: 

Made by hand from solid wood 
Covered with bark oil, beautiful tree drawing preserved 

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